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Wide Elastic Band OEM/ODM

Wide Elastic Band


  • 4 inches wide, 3 yard in length, color: black.
  • 69% polyester, 31% rubber. Heavy knit high elasticity.
  • Flat elastic, extends in two directions, it doesn't narrow when stretched.
  • Heavy knit elastic perfect for home sewers and any DIY production.
  • Great for wig, waistbands, sleeves, suspenders, sweat bands and more.

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Wide Elastic Band

Description & Specification:

These pretty knitted elastic bands are soft and pliable, with excellent stretch and recovery. Each coloured elastic strip is 5mm wide, and they are held together with fine, gossamer-like threads to create the illusion that they are suspended in mid-air!
Show off these pretty bands as an exposed waistband, shoulder straps, or decorative trim on the hems of skirts, dresses, tunics… wherever your imagination takes you! These knitted elastic bands are flat and have a slim profile (just ~1-2mm thick) and have the advantage of creating finishes that are less bulky.




Polyester/Nylon, Spandex/Latex 




USES in clothes,  medical treatment, protective gears for sports etc.

Professional Elastic Webbing R&D Base in China

Founded in 1993, Zhejiang Aoya Elastic Co., Ltd. is an elastic manufacturer, OEM/ODM Gross Grain Tape Manufacturers and Wholesale Wide Elastic Band Suppliers, integrating R&D, weaving, sales and service. Products are widely used in clothing, medical supplies, sportswear and many other categories, sales and service all over the world.

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Zhejiang Aoya Elastic Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Aoya Elastic Co., Ltd.
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Product Details:

If you're like us, you love the ease and comfort of elastic bands. But if you've been using the same old elastic bands for years, you may be missing out on the benefits of a new kind of elastic band: [Wide Elastic Band].
[Wide Elastic Band] is a super stretchy, super soft, and super durable elastic band that's perfect for everything from shoes to purses to backpacks. And it's made with 100% cotton yarn, so you can rest assured that your favorite accessories will be protected against wear and tear.
These pretty knitted elastic bands are soft and pliable, with excellent stretch and recovery.
They're perfect for all kinds of projects: from holding together your sweaters to holding up your hair, and more!
They're perfect for making the perfect braid or creating a stylish updo. They can also be worn as a bracelet or anklet!
They're great for a variety of uses including hair accessories, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, belts, pet collars and leashes. You can use them to hold up holsters or gun magazines on your belt. The possibilities are endless!


International system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.Custom knitted Wide Flat Elastic Webbing Factory

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